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  • Western Black Sea

    Yenice Forests

    Yenice Forests are located in the west of Karabük city, within the borders of Yenice district. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) designated this natural marvel as one of the "100 hot spots to be urgently conserved" in 1999.

    Located at an altitude of more than 1,300 meters, the region is shrouded in fog in the mornings, creating a surreal ambiance. Yenice Forests has a microclimate created by the streams in it. This microclimate enables a wide variety of trees to exist in the forest. The most important part of the forest is the Arboretum Area where monumental trees are located.

    The southern slopes of the forest are dominated by sandalwood and pine trees, while the northern slopes are dominated by yellow-white linden trees.  Yenice Forests is an open-air museum with Istranca oak, Turkish hazelnut, Yew, Caucasian linden, mountain elm and maple trees of which circumference is about two to seven meters and lengths ranging from 18 to 30 meters. 

    Yenice Forests hosts long and short walking trails determined in 2009 within the scope of the "Yenice Forests Project" carried out by Karabük Governorship and Yenice District Governorship and marked in line with international standards. Following these routes is the best way to discover thousands of tree and plant species in these natural wonder forests, spend a few days in clear weather and do sports!