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    Pisidia Heritage Trail

    A trekking trail that includes both natural and archaeological sites!

    Pisidia is the ancient name of the mountainous region located in the north of Antalya. This 350-kilometer route stops by many ancient cities in the Pisidia Region: Sagalassos, Termessos, Pisidia Antioch, Kremna, Adada, Selge, Pednelissos, Amblada, Anabura, Tymriada, Ariassos, and Pityassus.

    The Pisidian Cultural Heritage Trail was unearthed as a result of a five-year comprehensive project carried out by the British Institute of Ankara (BIAA). While following this trail, you will visit Köprülü Canyon, Çandır Yazılı Canyon, Kovada Lake National Park, Eğirdir Lake, and Davraz Kasnak Oak Forest as well as the ancient cities mentioned above. The regions where the trail stops by will be the regions with intact nature, pathways, and untouched forests, where the nomads still continue their traditional lives.

    You'll find lots of spots to camp near water sources throughout the trail.  You'll also pass-through various areas where the St. Paul Trail intersects!